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Advertising today is augmented and optimised in post-production. Film is enriched with visual effects and motion graphics, fine-tuned, recut and adapted for different platforms.

Expertly mastering this balance – on time and on budget – is a rare and valuable skill.

This is where GRAFT comes in.

Edit. Animation. Adaptation. GRAFT is a post-production studio for digital film in advertising.

Our approach

Producing a stand-out advert isn’t the result of blind luck or a single creative spark. It takes serious and consistent hard work. And the work doesn’t end once the camera stops rolling. It extends to the all-important finessing of the film after production.

We understand that you need to meet the expectations of your clients, contend with ever-changing deadlines and still preserve the core concept you began with.

That’s why, when it comes to post-production, we have three golden rules (and these rules are not made to be broken):

1) Respect the craft and the budget equally

2) Test our understanding of the client’s desired outcome often

3) Keep communication open and flowing at all stages

Job done.

Our team

Picture a core team with a fantastic array of technical and creative abilities, not to mention devastating good looks (at least, that’s what our mums keep telling us).


Skilled, dedicated, and prepared to put the GRAFT in.

And on the side-lines, ready to roll out whenever needed, is a carefully-curated vault of freelance talent.

All industry-proven and poised to quietly bring their unique genius to your project.

Our founders

The Team


Creative Director (Motion)

With a degree in Animation and a career working with some of the biggest names in advertising (among them Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi and HKStrategies), Shane’s work has become synonymous with excellent motion graphic creation.

Passionate about the very latest trends, Shane has created content for Beats by Dre, Google, Adidas, Nike, BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Ford, Fitbit and Nandos.

Shane’s art direction has been a key part of GRAFT’s voice since day one, his goal being to create work with both style and substance, in service of a powerful message.


Creative Director (Film)

Our resident master of all things film, Rob has over 10 years experience in post-production, working for industry heavy-hitters like MPC, ENVY and Spring Studios.

Rob has worked on feature films, directed music videos and travel promos, and edited for acclaimed brands like Google, Honda, TRESemmé and Estée Lauder (his fashion clients rave about his work).

Rob has a finely-tuned creative eye, and his approach to each
project is a balance of passion and professionalism. And he’s also
a super snappy dresser.

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