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Our client

We were approached by a global advertising implementation agency whose client – Fitbit – had a very specific need. Fitbit had tasked them with implementing their US-based adverts across 20 markets worldwide, for a range of campaigns across Instagram Stories, YouTube and TV.

To successfully complete this project, they needed to be able to rely on our adaptation and localisation services to provide new versions of their existing adverts in a variety of languages within a quick turnaround.

We were also required to work closely with the agency to originate new versions of their adverts to work in previously underutilised formats like Instagram Stories.

Our preparation

As a first step, we worked alongside the client to identify the unique kit and bespoke software that the original Fitbit team had used to create the US master spots.

Once we had a good understanding of this, we were able to optimise our workflow to ensure rendering didn’t interfere with turnaround times while guaranteeing the highest standards of quality control across as many as 20 different languages a day.

Our strategy in motion

For each individual Fitbit advert, we began by separating and re-creating every watch screen and every instance of on-screen text. These assets were created in different languages and exported into folders by up to two animators across four machines (two being used solely for render power).

These numerous new animated segments adhered to local markets and languages and were created specifically so that they could be easily replaced should any of the information become obsolete or need correcting.

This library of exported scenes was then re-built by our lead editor so that each version frame-matched the original advert. Following this, each new language edit was exported to the highest possible spec. Finally, one last round of quality control was carried out by our head of production to ensure that no human or computer errors had occurred during this process, before sending these files to our client for worldwide distribution.

Our shared results

To date, we have supplied our adaptation and localisation services to our client for the Fitbit range for 2 years, in 20 countries and across 6 campaigns.

We have implemented regular updates to our localisation workflow on a rolling basis, with the result being a faster and more robust process.

In this time, we have created hundreds of original assets which have all been delivered successfully across Instagram Stories, YouTube and TV.

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