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Editing is about emotion. It’s about crafting a story. It’s about moving an audience, and this is the central goal of our video editing services.

Adaptation / Localisation

Our content adaptation and video localisation specialists will make sure that your video is optimised for different formats and markets.

Adaptation / Localisation

We are driven

You’ve finished the shoot and you’ve got your footage. What a relief. Big sigh and relax. But, you’re not quite at the end of the tunnel yet. You need to turn that film into a finished product. Who can you look to? GRAFT, that’s who. The dedicated post-production experts who are ready and waiting to transform your project in its final stages.

Our post-production services include a whole host of essential finishing elements, including online and offline edit, colour correction, adaptation, localisation, subtitling and sound design. During the edit, we craft the strongest version of your story which will elicit the emotional response you’re looking for. With adaptation and localisation, we revise your content for individual platforms and audiences, making sure it delivers wherever it’s featured.

We are visionary

What makes us special? We like to think that it’s our fantastic sense of humour and natural charm but really it comes down to one thing: creative flair. Sure, we’ve got technical skills to boot, but that will only get you so far. We can help to realise your aesthetic vision by injecting some GRAFT magic whilst always staying true to your original concept.

Our clients are our co-pilots. When it comes to our approach to post-production services, we always put your goals first. We want your contributions so that we can deliver excellent results with your unique voice. You are always welcome to join us in our fantastic studio so that you can help steer the project in the right direction.

We are equipped

Our offices are decked out with industry-standard equipment and swanky, high-end furnishings so that you can feel fully relaxed, comfortable and focused while we collaborate. You can even pick the playlist.

We use Adobe Premiere Pro for editing, Adobe AfterEffects for motion graphics, DaVinci Resolve for colour correction, and Pro Tools for sound design. We work across a range of iMacs, as well as high-end colour and reading meters from Blackmagic Design.

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