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We are storytellers

Editing is about finding the emotion, crafting the best story. When you need your film or animation to move your audience, you need an expert video editing service. From fashion films to documentaries, music videos to TV content, our capabilities are broad when it comes to short-form video content. Whatever you throw at us, we’re ready to run with it.

There are two things which are in high demand in this industry: a unique storytelling ability and a consistently high standard of output. We believe we’ve got both. The proof? The majority of our clients return to us for their future video edit projects because they trust us to fully understand their requests and deliver a finished product which is new, exciting and powerful.

We are innovators

When you engage our video editing specialists, you can be sure that we will deliver captivating content which embodies the original message with an added touch of our unique GRAFT style. It’s all about carefully balancing the different elements of the edit so we transform your footage without revising your story.

We always avoid the hard sell. You won’t find any in-your-face information overload with us. Instead, we aim to tap into the subject matter in a way that evokes certain feelings in the audience by crafting the strongest possible sequence from your existing footage.

We are technicians

What’s our edit process? Create a first cut for you to review. Work with you to develop a ‘picture-locked’ edit. Add bespoke sound design, animation and colour grading. Transform raw footage to graded footage. One last review and then voila! A finished piece of content which delivers on your brief.

It sounds simple but we use a lot of high-tech kit to help us get the job done. The details are essential and we want to refine every single part of your footage. We use Adobe Premiere Pro for our in-house editing but we also have a range of BlackMagic scopes to test luminance, RGB, audio levels and more. For the big reveal of your finished product, you can relax in the comfort of our edit studio for a full viewing experience on our HD BlackMagic SmartView monitor.

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