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We create content that sticks

“Social First” is the frontline of video advertising. Facebook and Instagram have outperformed TVC since 2012. Today’s viewers are active, scrolling on their devices looking for something that catches their eye, not passively waiting for one channel to show it to them. Social media marketing is only going to get bigger so you need to use it. Our social media services include creating videos from scratch or adapting from existing edits, optimising the output from one shoot or animation. Smart.

Our strength in social-first video is our creative voice. We have been working alongside clients in social media since its infancy as a medium for advertising and we’ve seen it adapt to changing viewers needs. Our unique experience means we’ve become masters of understanding exactly what clients and audiences are looking for in an online ad. Jackpot.

We modify to optimise

Even if you’re only intending to create content for one destination, social media channels  can add huge viewership and value to existing videos. You can just upload them as they are, or you can divide one core message into a library of smaller narratives which can drive audiences to you. From introductory spots to highly technical content, we can help you get the most out of your narrative. Each platform has very different requirements, as does it’s specific audience. Whether that’s Facebook, IGTV, or Instagram Stories.

When we’re adapting a pre-existing composition, we begin by receiving the separate components of your master, which includes graphics, logos, and the After Effects or Premiere Project. This allows us to manipulate and re-imagine your content to cater for the different audiences and aspect ratios of each social platform. Square, portrait or landscape. Brand awareness, consideration or conversion.

We adapt and evolve your brand

Alongside our main social media video services, we are also able to create branded social media packs for our clients’ own channels. These super-useful collections can include titles, opening and end credits, and logo reveal. You can then customise these assets and lay them over any footage you choose. Our team even offers training as part of the kit. Nice of us, eh?

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