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What We Do

Our speciality is high energy, emotive, short form content. We believe that film is the rocket fuel that every brand needs.

We have a dedicated team ready and waiting to finesse your project with a little bit of magic (and a whole lot of oomph).



Edit – Adaptation – Localisation

No film is complete without the all-important finishing touches. And GRAFT have more than just high-tech equipment and super-comfy offices (although it’s true that our offices are LUSH). We also have the most important thing of all: a creative flair matched with consistent quality.

At GRAFT, we understand that time, budget and availability constraints can make it impossible to finish a project in-house to the high standard it deserves. That’s where we step in.

Online and offline edit, colour correction, adaptation, localisation, subtitling and sound design. Just to name a few things we can offer you.


Motion Graphics – VFX – 2D & 3D

When it comes to animation, we’ve got style and substance. And we’re not afraid to try original ideas. Our goal? Creating awesome visual content that you’ve never seen before.

Our animators are experienced in delivering a strong range of styles for TV, social media, business presentations and more. You can get us involved in any stage of the animation process, or we can work from start to finish. When we say we’re flexible, we mean it.




Landscape – Portrait – Square

Once you’ve got the master copy of your final cut maybe you’ll want to head down the pub for a pint or two. But, when it comes to optimising your content for social platforms, there’s so much more you can do.

That’s where we can help. We’ve got years of experience in optimising video for social and we understand exactly what people are looking for in an online ad.

We can also produce super-useful social media packs. These include titles, opening and end credits, and logo reveals which you can then customise and lay over existing footage. These will immediately elevate your content and bring consistency to your brand.

Video Production

Advertising – Overflow – Project Management

When it comes to short-form film, we can pretty much organise anything for you. We have strong relationships with a variety of creative directors and videographers who we work with to deliver the results you need.

Advertising is our forte. We’ve worked with some of the top creative talent in London on adverts that have appeared worldwide, and we’re always on the lookout for new projects. Let us be an extension of your team.

We understand how difficult it can be to coordinate everything in-house. Our overflow facilities have always been in high demand. Whatever you need, we’ve got your back. Heck, we’ll even provide snacks.

Video Production Studio

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