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Adaptation and Localisation

We adapt for different formats

Film is a flexible art. It can (and needs to be) adapted to suit different platforms. A 90 second cut won’t be usable in all situations (“ain’t nobody got time for that”). So, you need options. You can’t just play a random section or you’ll lose the meaning from the original cut. Enter GRAFT.

We can take an existing final 90 second deliverable and create a 30, 20 or 10 second cutdown of it to be used when it’s needed. Our content adaptation specialists can also create a variety of different sized aspect ratios of the 16×9 master to cater for the various social platforms out there. We make sure your content sits just right so that your story hits home.

We localise for different markets

We are in a global marketplace. You don’t just want to reach one audience with your content, you want to reach a multitude. But we are all different. And differences should be celebrated, not ignored. That is why content localisation is so important. We use the same original film but speak directly to specific audiences through the subtle changes we make.

GRAFT are localisation experts. We understand the fine balance of cultural sensitivity. Our team is experienced in creating the same advert in different languages for the global market. Their primary work includes changing the voiceover and revising the text content that appears on screen. Other important details we consider include removing certain legals and icons to cater for the guidelines in specific markets. Having worked across 26 markets worldwide, we can even advise on scenes which may cause offense or be interpreted poorly so that your message has the best opportunity of landing with your audience.

We always deliver high-quality content

Localisation and adaptation are our bread and butter. We know them like the back of our hand (please excuse the cliche overload but we hope you get our point). We have been working on localisation and adaptation projects for many years and our knowledge in these areas is unparalleled.

We always adhere to the most up-to-date Clearcast specs across EMEA, APAC and Latam, and US/Canada. Our service is quick without ever compromising on quality and we always adhere to your specifications. We’ll have your content ready in no time at all.

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