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2D and 3D Animation

We bring stills to life

Characters tell a story and engage an audience. Perhaps most importantly they make your message relatable. But if the standard isn’t good or the animation quite right, your audience will switch off. You need a highly-skilled animator to guarantee that your characters move seamlessly, and with them, your story.

At our 2D and 3D animation studio, we use exceptional character animators who can bring anything to life. A plane? A train? A barely humanoid abstract shape? Not a problem (you can take a look at a project we worked on for Spotify for that last one). We have even made one of the characters do the ‘floss’. Not an easy dance to do, even harder to animate!

We create, design and develop

Not sure where to start with your character animation? Don’t panic. We can design characters from the initial stages of your short-form film project. We can partner with you right from the very start to create an animation that makes sense for your audience.

A great animated character starts with the design. We can create, develop and rig 2D and 3D animations for a whole range of different markets and audiences. Then we animate them to walk, talk, and do anything else that a human (or non-human) actor might do.

We maintain high-standards at speed

We’ve got an excellent team and comprehensive processes in place to ensure that fast work remains high-quality. The hard graft gets done in our high-end studio (even if we do say so ourselves) which is equipped with all the high-powered kit we need.

We want to get to know you. We take our time to understand your style, requirements and end goals. Then we hit the ground running, creating content which will work for you and deliver the result you need. All at lightning pace.

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