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We’re your home away from home

Sometimes your studio has too much work on and you need an extra team to step into the fray. You need more than one freelancer, more than can work with you on-site, but you still need full oversight. The answer? That’s easy. Here at GRAFT, we are a critical overflow facility. We will assign you a producer who can come to your office for strategic meetings but will be based at our studio, will liaise between you and our home-team, and will run the project on your terms and deliver results. 

You can use these services at GRAFT to take some of the work of your hands, complete the jobs for your clients and deliver on time. All under the umbrella of your business. Now you have an animation department. Or a fully-equipped edit suite. Sorted.

We’re your subs bench

Picture us as an extension of your team. And a pretty great one at that. Not only are we experienced, knowledgeable and creative, we also have the very best industry-standard equipment and some of the swankiest offices around. Overflow facilities at their very finest.

But what can we actually do for you? Well, when it comes to video and animation production, pretty much anything. You can outsource video editing, VFX, motion graphics and more to our talented team of creatives. We know how difficult it can be to keep your creative energy up for the entirety of a video’s production so we’re here to get you over those final hurdles, to execute your vision and fulfil the brief while adding power to your message.

We’ve got the tools of the trade

Once a client has used us for overflow work, they tend to come back again. Why? We believe it’s because we’re professional and open with them. We work hard with you to meet your exact requirements, on time and within the defined budget.

The kit we use reflects our approach to work: it’s always the very best. Whether you require outsourced editing, motion graphics, colour correction or something new entirely (we love a challenge), you can rest assured that your project is in safe hands. You’ve put in the hard work so far, we’re just here to get you over the finish line.

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