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Project Management

We are full service

Logistics can be a nightmare. Especially when you’ve got a million plates to juggle already. That’s why we offer multi-video production project management. We can look after multi-deliverable projects from start to finish, from initial productions right through to multi-platform adaptation and delivery.

We understand the advertising industry’s need for content. That’s why we provide a fully-rounded service that takes away the stress of timelines and deadlines and gives you final products. Simply put, let our assigned producer manage your production and watch the content flow.

We are great listeners

Communication is key. We founded our studio on this core belief and it’s why we stay in constant communication throughout the project. From the pre-production meeting to the wrap party, we’ll get your feedback at each stage so we can be sure we’ve kept your vision in mind throughout. We are flexible in our approach and tailor it to your needs. This allows us to evolve alongside your project, making us into the best team for the job.

Our producers are skilled in a blend of customer service and technical know-how. Because they have experience with the creative, production and post-production processes, they are able to give you advice, options and very accurate timescales for each project, even when changes are requested. We also understand the importance of an effortless working relationship, which is why our producers strive to create an environment where you are comfortable and trust us fully.

We are super organised

Another smashing combo is our approach, which is both prepared and flexible. Depending on the nature of the project, our producers can liaise with you on-site, on location or simply work from our office. For live action productions, we’ll work with you to cast, book and schedule so that your shoot days go perfectly and your talent, props and sets are exactly what you needed. Where additional services are required, such as VOs or freelancer talent, we’ll source these too.

We want to adapt to your way of working – we believe that this is the only way to make the best possible projects. This means we’re happy to communicate however you feel most comfortable, whether it’s a more informal channel like WhatsApp, in person or by email. To keep us on track at all times, we use a dedicated CRM and our in-house scheduling system to keep track of the creatives’ time and ensure we stick to deadlines.

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